A Good hairdresser – Equipment is not enough, professionalism is the key.


Most hairdressers are trying to keep stocked up on equipment like furniture, electric equipment, products and cosmetics. These will attract clients with their senses of sight and smell. Even the best hairdressing chair or the most expensive hair dye in the world will not replace a talented hair stylist. What is most important and that the clients will be looking for is a talented hair stylist with good skills, knowledge and eye for detail.

To be honest it is a really difficult and demanding profession, not everybody can cope with the client’s expectations. It is important that a hair stylist can cut and style the hair to current trends in fashion. Additionally they need to know what style of haircut suites to different types of beauty and skin tones so that the client can feel special and pampered. A good hairdresser must be a good stylist who’s talent is worth their weight in gold, it is a real ‘be or not to be’ situation for every salon as a bad stylist can damage the reputation and discourage customers returning.


A satisfied customer will return, give their recommendation to friends and family and essentially become an advertisement for the business. It is not only about good skills of the hair stylist but also their intuition in creating the perfect hair style for the person along with latest fashion trends. A dedicated expert should not end with finishing hairdressing school but constantly attend courses led by the best experts in the profession and further their knowledge. Continually we can see changes in the latest hair styles which can demand using new methods or equipment, it is very difficult to teach yourself or even worse to experiment on a customer’s hair. Of course there are many other aspects which are important in hairdressing.

happy customer

During the visit to the salon the client should be made to feel special and treated in the best way possible. The basics are a comfortable waiting area with newspapers, magazines and hairstyle catalogues. They should be offered refreshments while they wait. The salon should be equipped with stylish high quality furniture and a relaxing well thought décor. The styling chair must be comfortable with some salons having massage chairs to make the client feel even more relaxed. Going the extra distance encourages towards the client staying with the current stylist and not going to the competition.

It is said that a good hairdresser is similar to a psychologist and has some knowledge about a person’s mind and can make a client feel relaxed and at home. Many men and women treat their visit to the hairdressers as a pleasure that brings happiness. The hair stylist needs to have good intuition whether a client wants to only refresh their hairstyle or go for a total makeover. In these cases the conversation is key to success in understanding the client’s desires. Over time the relationship between client and stylist will develop into a trusting friendship.


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