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When we decide on starting the business of our salon, we should focus not only on a good location, but also equipment and its uniqueness. The main role should be played by backwash units. It is one of the most important and expensive equipment in hair salon. What is more, the choice of the wash has some kind of influence on decision to purchase other accessories. The space for wash should be assigned on the first beginning because of connection with running and draining water. Some of the backwash units are more interesting as they have plumbing from the floor. If you do not want to spend so many money, a good option will be wash, which can be connected to the included wall pipes. For sure, it cannot be located in the middle of hair salon, next to the exit door.

Backwash units

hair washes

It seems to be much better idea to keep it far away from the rest of salon space. The client with his wet hair can only be in position where he sees the ceiling. It can be an interesting solution to put their original graphics. During the analyze of hairdressing backwash units, it is not hard to notice that makers offering various variant. These basic ones are presented very close to the advanced ones. It attracts customers because of their specific shapes.

Manufacturers are working very hard to improve the product. They want to surprise in a positive way the viewers. It is most of all for customer preferences but also for hairdressers, who is using this equipment in daily work and he is responsible for client comfort. Some backwashes units have even seats that can be programmed to do the micro-vibrations, so when we wash the client's head, it is additional experience that gives him a gentle massage. Polish manufacturers have an interesting idea but the newest and most surprising solutions are coming from Italy.

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