Backwash units with built-in massager – luxury that you can afford

When we decide to operate the professional hair salon it is important to be really involved. This involvement need to be noticeable on every aspect of management salon. It has a huge impact on customers perceive, who appreciate not only high quality services but also good atmosphere around them. This aspect is definitely decisive, when clients are convinced if they want to go back or no.

However, it is worth to remember, that friendly atmosphere and expert`s attitude to client it is not enough. The professional equipment is important too. That shows it is a professional place. In this the key is professional designed backwash units, which is one of the most necessary elements. It is hard to imagine the hairdressing salon without it. Nowadays, on the market it’s a big availability of luxury washer for hair salon, which provides a gentle massage to clients. That type of this device definitely shows that this particular hair salon is prestigious and unique place, where is worth to come by and benefit from services.

Ayala Obsession styling hair 

styling hair by Ayala

When choosing professional hairdressing washer with built-in massager, on the first place we should look through the luxury Ayala Obsession washer. Is has movable footrest and massager with Shiatsu function. This particular washer is able to satisfy even the most demanding customer, who wants to be treated in a special way. This is the perfect solutions for those owners, who want to create a place full of relax and good, positive atmosphere.

Manta backwash

It is a very professional hairdressing washer. It proved a comfort that you could not find before. It is equipped with controlling bowl, upholstered seat and armrest. This model is a definitely a good choice that is amazing for each hair salon.
Everest One washer
This hairdressing washer has a special cambered back rest. It is a good solution when customer wants to release from muscle tense. This model is connection with current fashion trends. It looks very modern and elegant at the same time.


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