What kind of equipment is essential to hair salon?

Among the services company visited by many customers one of the first places occupy hairdressers. If we want to provide that type of a service, we need to find not just the right size of the business premises, but also to purchase the necessary equipment. Essential hair salon equipment:

Styling chairs

In hair salon it is allow using only special styling chair. During the selection we must consider that it is convenient not only for the hairdresser, but above all for the client. Pay attention on its elements like: armrests, the ability to rotate, comfortable backrest, and footrest. If in the hair salon, we plan to provide the services for the youngest customers, consider whether you should invest additional funds in the purchase of the chair for children. Seats for children are not only very colorful, but they also have very different shapes. A child, who seats in one of them, can feel for example, as a pilot of the aircraft.

styling unitsStyling units

Another necessary element after the chair in each hairdressing salon is styling unit. It should be placed in front of the mirror. As a result, our customers will be able to observe hairdresser, while he is doing a hair makeover. Depending on the possibility it is good to put the console in such a way that the mirror was illuminated by sunlight coming from outside. However, natural light is not enough; the styling unit with mirror must be well lit by the artificial light. We recommend styling units from MILA furniture.

Backwash units

It is also important as a equipment, next to styling units and a chair. Wash made from special plastic or porcelain material, which is used to wash the hair of customers. Its shape must be selected to ensure a comfortable washing heads. It is a complementary element with seat. Equipment added of storage locker on wheels for storing most often used accessories.

Electric devices and hair dryers

Hair dryers are essential for drying and styling hair. They should have a big power that these activities could take as little time as possible. Cutting and shaving hair requires using trimmers and electric shavers. Among them are models powered in a traditional way - from the wall electric socket and modern way- powered by battery. This last one is more practical.



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