Backwash units and necessary accessories

Backwash units

It is a very important element in every hair salon. It is equipped with a comfortable armchair with the backrest, which will end directly under the sink. Above that is a plastic or ceramic special shaped washbasin with hole where the hair should be washed.
In daily work it is necessary to use various electrical appliances such as hair dryers, electric shavers, curler or hair straighteners. Specialist free-standing dryer is used to dry hair in a quicker and more efficient way. Handy dryer is a basic appliance in every hair salon. It is good when everything works properly without mishaps. Wise is to choose well known brand, which guarantee high power and very good quality. Moreover it is a good solution to have multifunctional device, which can handle with all of the hair types.

 Hairdressing tools

Styling equipment

Trimmer is created to cut and shave hair. If it has a high power, will be able to cope with thick hair. Brand devices are more functional, as the example it has replacement cap, which makes easier to cut hair on different length. Curlers are perfect to do quickly curl. They should have a proper power, at least 650 W and temperature control. They also have a various sizes and because of that their use will depend from that. Thinner curlers will be good for short hair. Some of the curling irons have variables and removable covers to get diverse shapes.

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Hair dryer and curler in one is the special device, which you can use on wet hair. The exhaled warm air will help to dry and shape hair more precisely at the same time. The heating plates are made of different materials. The best one has additional ionization, which will protect us against static electricity hair. This is a very important issue, on which it is good to pay attention. Thanks to that styling hair is being easy and potential for hair salon is increasing.


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