5 Shopping & Design Tips While Arranging Hairdresser's Salon

Don't agree on a mediocre, boring salon space... own it and design it your way instead! Make sure that atmosphere in your salon is truly lovable and your customers feel comfortable within it. We have prepared some useful tips which may help you to create both trendy and luxurious space that you have always dreamed of. 

1. Fill you space with cosmetic equipment that transcends the trends

A hairdresser's chair with clean, smooth lines, a geometric shape and upholstery in some neutral color can provide a stylish, chic accent (referring to mid-century modern spaces or one of the kind Hollywood glam). Consider this: industrial space with exposed ductwork, dangling metal lighting, high ceilings and dark flooring - and suddenly, in the focal point – Virtusstyling chairs in shimmery white. Contrast is the answer!

2. Don't hesitate to break the rules

Choosing the strong, intensive hues might seem intimidating, but don't be afraid to take such risk. Thinking outside the box is always worth it. Let's think about the meaning of particular colors: bright or two-toned combination evokes confidence, while darker shades inspire more masculine grooming environment. Two-tone black & brown walls will accent the beauty of leather strops and dark wooden floors; at the same time vibrant, bright and vital colors will easily invigorate your hairdresser's salon.

3. Prepare a list of 'must-haves'

The most important thing is to select a right cosmetic equipment. It should work not only for your space but also for services that you provide. If you have small rental space at yours command, stick to the all-purpose models (they will allow you to accommodate more services). If we're talking about separated areas for washing and cutting, let's bring their design together by choosing similar looking equipment.

must haves list in hair salon

4. Client's comfort goes first

Don't buy any furniture that may reduce the comfort of your customers. No matter if you're choosing a standalone,wall-mounted or cabinet-mounted back wash unit, take client's good into consideration. Remember that tilting basin allows to accommodate customers of various heights. 

5. Think as you were one of them

Just put yourself in your customers' shoes. While shopping for seating, think about ergonomics. Graduated back is a great solution – thanks to that long service won't be so exhausting. On the other hand, wider seating will be optimal for a broader range of customers. Once you pick the best available chair, but the dryer, comfortable backwash options and reception desk – the comfort should be present in every part of your hairdesser's salon.


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