5 Easy Ways of Maximizing Haidresser's Space

Are you wondering what to do to improve the look of your salon? We're proud to present a few tips that you can use to give both – your clients and employees – the impression of more spacious and luxurious space in your current spot. Creating such feeling doesn't have to require adding additional square metres or even remodeling in a common sense. There are few ways of making a hairdresser's salon look bigger without spending great money or putting a strong effort in it. Here are some of them:

1. Enlogating the walls

If you add some floor-to-ceiling windows to your space, you will constantly achieve a more spacious and more dimensional feeling. Such addition will catch your customers' attention and let them think that the room became much more bigger. Another great idea is to pick a light, sheer curtain – if you choose something like that, there's no doubt that more natural light will slam into the interior.

2. Reflection is the key

Hang various mirrors all across the room to achieve the illusion, that we're talking about more sqaure footage than there actually is. You can also use the previous tip and invest in a simple floor-to-ceiling mirror. It will both brighten your space and bounce the sunlight around. Also ample illumination is always welcomed. Choosing right mirrors is the basis of a proper hair salon décor and design!

3. Choose lighter Furniture

Don't fill your small space with too many details and too heavy furniture. Avoid overpowering, overwhelming models or far too big sofas. To make your salon feel more spacious and comortable, pick furniture with open armrests and a lighter design. For example, let's take a look at Dainty Chair designed by Takara Belmont. It is a stylish and functional piece of furniture with the full backrest, which is well perceived by the customers.

Big hair salon area

4. Use the power of bright colors

Did you know that dark shades can make a tiny room feel even more tight and claustrophobic? On the other hand, bright colors do the exactly opposite thing. That's why you should choose bright paint hues and furniture – it will allow you to create a desirable airy vibe. This rule regards both hairdresser's waiting room and a space for washing and cutting (or the only one interior if we're talking about the smallest salons). If you decide on an accent wall in pale grey, balance it by white furniture to make it all look more spacious.

5. Divide your areas in a smart way

Building walls between your service areas is a terrible idea – it will ruin the whole potential of your space. Instead of saying goodbye to your square footage, use sheer curtains or don't divide salon at all.

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